Halloween decoration with skull, bow, holly, spider web
Halloween decoration with skull, bow, holly, spider web

It’s time to grab your loved ones, curl up near the fireplace (any source of heat will do; I’m no snob), and get ready for the bodies to hit the floor! Christmastime is the perfect time to watch Christmas horror movies. Think about it: You’ve got the cheery red blood, ol’ Saint “Knick,” festive holiday screams, and those pesky psychotic killers who can’t help but get triggered by all the caroling, Christmas spirit, and bell-ringing Santas.

If you’re still bummed Halloween is over and you’re just not feeling jolly, I have a killer list just for you. …

You’re lying in a hospital bed. You’re cold, like you just drank a lot of ice water on a sweltering day; it’s that kind of cold where blankets and heat won’t help. It’s in your veins, ice coursing through your body. You touch your forehead and notice you’re sweating. Your hands are clammy and shaking uncontrollably.

You try to get out of bed, but you’re too dizzy. You look around for the clock. You know you have one, but you are disoriented, confused, very groggy. You finally spot it, but you can’t make out the numbers because your vision is…

Kind of what mine looks like

I’m back with another recipe, and this time I have measurements! Well, kind of. I don’t really do measurements; my grandma was brought up during the Depression and all of her cooking was pretty much eyeballing the amount of each ingredient. Plus, I have made a few changes to her and Mom’s recipes.

I think this recipe came from my cousin, and she messed up the dish by using cream cheese instead of sour cream, which was actually good! I substitute frosted flakes for the corn flakes because I love sweet stuff. It’s a pretty versatile dish.

This hash brown…

My classes started on October 26, and the first discussion post (all online college students love those!) made me think of how differently I see things than other people. When I was majoring in criminal justice before COVID (I lost my job when the courthouses closed and am a communication/new media major now), I had to do a paper on the 4th Amendment; unreasonable search and seizure or warrantless search and seizure. I was supposed to explain why it became an amendment, and why our founding fathers felt that way.

The first thing that popped in my head, and the…

Let’s talk about crap, shall we? More specifically, let’s talk about cat crap. I, for one, do not like messing with the cats’ litter boxes. They smell, they are heavy, they are messy, and the whole thing’s just gross. With four indoor cats, it’s a necessity, however.

About five years ago, I invested in two CatGenies. And I do mean invest; those things are expensive! Believe it or not, the Litter-Robot Open Air is even more expensive, and you have to use regular scoopable litter, unlike the CatGenie, which I will get into. Without further ado, let’s talk some poo!

Back in 2006 when I started working, flash drives/thumb drives were the poo. They are still great; small and lots of storage available, and you can get them in really cool colors and… shapes? The racecar’s amazing!

Anyway, whenever I needed to switch computers, I had to grab a flash drive, throw everything on it, go to the other computer, and do it all in reverse. Not impossible, but a total pain.

Around 2008, I started working for a new company and they used Dropbox. It was this nifty program with folders that I could put my stuff in and…

Disclaimer: This might get pissy because people annoy me, and people who insult others while being incorrect really annoy me. My parents were Baby Boomers, AKA “Boomers.” I’m a Millennial/Gen Y. The annoying, “Okay, Boomer,” crowd is Gen Z, or “Zoomers,” NOT Millennials. Saying Millennials are just now reaching the age to join the workforce is incorrect; those are Gen Z’s. Now you know.

With that being said, lay off the Boomers! They did not destroy the planet. Earth Day started in the ’70s, co-founded by the Unicorn Killer (just an interesting fact). The only things destroying the planet are…

Which one is the best?

There are so many job or “gig” brokers out there, it’s hard to find the right one. I have used UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, and all three have pros and cons. But which one is best? Is there a best? I will share my experience with each.


I have been with UpWork the longest and have had the most success with it so far. I have used UpWork mainly for transcription jobs and some content writing jobs. …

Like many, many writers struggling to gain experience and an online presence, I was a victim of more than one content mill. It happens to people in all industries and it’s a disgusting practice that will never go away, unfortunately.

What’s a Content Mill?

In a nutshell, content mills are basically brokers. They have the resources, online presence, and the know-how to get clients. More specifically, they have too many clients and need help with production. Instead of paying people what they are worth, they hire tons and tons of workers (in this case, writers) and pay them way below industry standards.

For example…

My mom used to crochet. My aunt was the arts and crafts gal, but Mom dabbled. Like any kid, I wanted to do what she was doing and, boy, did she try to teach me! Having a right-hander teach a left-hander (me) something isn’t the easiest!

First, she had the brilliant idea to have me watch her crochet in the mirror. That didn’t work. Then, she had me watch her crochet for a few minutes and told me to do what she did backward. Nah, that didn’t work, either. …

Amanda Riley

Amanda is a blog and content writer and transcriptionist. She is charmingly and naively autismal to a fault; ambitious and unstoppable in her pursuit.

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